Ansökan sker genom att skicka in ansökningsformuläret (se SNFs hemsida under fliken Forskning) till vetenskaplig sekreterare i SNF senast den 31 mars, 2019.

Med anledning av GDPR har det från EAN inkommit önskemål om att vi lägger upp en länk till deras sida som berör ‘Terms and Privacy’.

Entry requirements and selection of participants – The course is planned for 38 students.

Applicants should have completed specialist training in a recognized medical specialty and possess knowledge and skills corresponding to level B of the palliative medicine curriculum (5). The national associations will consider and nominate students among the applicants from their respective countries. The Steering Committee makes the final selection.
Course fee The fee for each of the six course modules will be Euro 1100 (total course fee: Euro 6600). Travel and accommodation costs must be added. The six modules are placed as follows: Two in Norway, two in Sweden, one in Finland, and one in Denmark. Every student is responsible for paying his/her own expenses.

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